With over 20 years in the screenprinting industry and countless hours running a press, time has always been at a premium. When first starting out and not understanding how long it will take to complete a job and spending long nights after hours because of underestimating them, I quickly learned I needed to have a way to calculate them accurately.

Then, as my business grew, it was even more important to know the time needed to complete each job. With 2 automatic presses, 1 manual press, and multiple salespeople adding to our workload, many weeks were getting overbooked, and production was constantly behind. It was then I started using my formula for accurately calculating jobs and having staff efficiently set our schedule to be more efficient and productive.

I am now happy to share this calculator with others and give you the benefits and accuracy to improve your shop's production. I hope this is as great of a benefit to you as it has been for me.